In these uncertain moments, we are looking for tomorrow and how we need to react , behave and definitely what we learned from the society and from us individually . Each person have the own path and the own expectations from each given moment and situation, however we all are waiting for tomorrow . while […]


Cheerfulness and then Bang!!!

We are into our positive mindset and thinking on our future travels , plans , projects etc… but arrives this memento when you have an amazing smile and your heart is full of hapiness and then Bang!!! For sure Sound Familiar ? For instance , somenthing triggers you and then…your reaction which comes from each […]

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Lose one’s Bearings

… and when all this is over and governments announce that “we’ve beaten him” do not return to the imortality, do not put again the costume of invincibles of unwavering, do not forget what you have experienced. Start being vulnerable , keep thanking everyone who has helped us in these days, do not forget that […]

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Elevator Pitch

Have you heard of elevator pitch? Imagine that you are waiting in the lobby of a major company, you go up to an elevator and in it you come across a manager or client with whom you could start the business or the work of your life. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: you know it […]

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Today & Always Choose Happy

Why & How to be Optimistic Today & Always ? There are moments When you are in a negative mindset and can be very hard to find a way to escape of it as this can affect your friendships, workplace , family  and much more. On the other hand , When we are optimistic and […]

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Cinco Niveles de Liderazgo

En Hospitality siempre se tiene que desarrollar y combatir contra el desafió de liderar equipos, nuevas tecnologías, competencias diversas y lo principal es las claves para conseguir cambios positivos en la vida personal y en la profesional. MI INLUENCIA de John C. Maxwell ,Be a people person . Mi vida tocara docenas de vidas antes […]

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Las 8 claves de las Habilidades Laborales

“Lo que realmente importa para el éxito, carácter, felicidad y logros vitales es un conjunto definido de habilidades sociales, no solo habilidades cognitivas que son medidas por tests convencionales de coeficiente intelectual”. Daniel Goleman. Cada empresario , persona tiene sus habilidades ya adquiridas en el propio aprendizaje de la vida , la escuela , universidad […]

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The road to Mindfulness

“No mires hacia atrás, mi amigo , nadie sabe como el mundo comenzó . No tengas miedo al futuro , nada dura para siempre . Si vives en el pasado o el futuro te vas a perder el momento.” Rumi (1207-1273)Poeta y Místico. En esta vida caótica de estrés laboral y personal , cada vez […]

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